Application Modernization

Though there is a wide range and availability of software applications, technology and break through inventions, most of the organizations are finding it difficult to 'come out of their legacy systems'. Application or Legacy Modernization Services from Cryptographtech either in form of consulting, implementation, development and maintenance can help you to break free and get empowered with the latest technology that can lead your organization towards efficiency and effectiveness.

The Process:
With wide range of tools, data & report migration techniques, and an experienced consulting team in handling varied legacy systems like COBOL, FoxPro, VB, etc., we offer your organization, the best suited technology based on your requirements, budget and vision. We also help your Management, IT teams & End users to catch up with the latest technologies with excellent Change Management and End User Training, Documentation & Support offerings.

Three Tier Technologies can help migrate your legacy systems to a wide range of technologies including:
Microsoft Technologies
Java Based Applications
Cloud Based (SaaS, HaaS etc.,) Services

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